Winchester Area Masonic Bodies Trestle Board

Terry R. Shaffer …………………………………… Master
R.W. James W. Golladay Jr.  …………….….Secretary

Jun 1:      MM Degree / Practice………………………..7 pm

Jun 8:      Stated Communication……………………7:30 pm

Jun 15:    FC Degree/ Practice………………………….7 pm

Jun 22:    EA Degree / Practice…………………………7 pm

Jun 29:    Masters / Wardens Dinner – Cochran #271  7 pm

Upcoming Dates:

Jul 9:       Cleopatra’s Needle @ our stated.

Jul 29:     District School – Cochran #271…………7:30 pm


Since the last Trestle board  was sent, we have been busy.  We recognized the area Eagle and Gold Award Scouts , awarded the Community Builders Award, and have conferred degrees.

We had a great turn out for our May Stated Communication.  Congratulations to Brothers  Ben Mathis, Bill Casilear, and Smoot Carter who received their 25 year pins for their dedication and service to Masonry.  Our District Education Officer made his official visit and gave an excellent presentation on Masonic Symbols and Allegories.  Also, congratulations to our Senior Deacon who was presented with his Wardens Certificate.

Mark your calendars for our June 8 stated.  We will be celebrating St John’s Day with dinner and fellowship prior to our Stated Communication.  We will eat at 6:00.  Please notify our Senior Steward Jim Kales or myself so we can get an accurate headcount.

June is shaping up to be a busy month for our Lodge.  We continue to have Degree work, and so continue to have the need for Brethren, who know the ritual to come and participate.  Please come to take part or learn a portion of the ritual, or to fill a seat on the sidelines.

A special thank you and tip of the Master’s hat goes to our Stewards, and members of the Stewards committee.  They have continually been going above the call of duty to meet the needs of their Brethren.  I appreciate all their efforts on our behalf.  Refreshments have been great.

As I was preparing this communication, I received notice that Winchester Hiram Lodge #21 is being honored by the American Red Cross and will be receiving the Civic Partnership of the Year award at a future date.

The year is now half gone.  As we reflect on what we have accomplished, let us continue to look toward the prosperous future of our Lodge.  With each continued participation, we are guaranteed that the future will remain bright.

Finally Brethren, May the God of Peace and Love delight to dwell with and bless you; both now, and forever more.

Terry Master



Jeffrey G Burcham P.G.H.P High Priest
Larry L. Adams Secretary

June 10 Stated Convocation

Ho Companions!

My thanks to all who were able to attend our May Stated Convocation!  Also, thanks to each of you who took time from your busy schedules to attend the official visit of the Grand High Priest to our District on May 20.  I was privileged to sit in the East for the opening, and was ably assisted by Ex. George M. Nethers, Jr. as Scribe,

Companion Mark Pennypacker as Captain of the Host, and Rt. Ex. Raymond D. Steele as Grand Master of the Second Veil, none of whom, missed a single word of ritual!  I could not have been more proud of their performance, and would give particular thanks to George, who took a vacation day in order to attend!

Also on May 20, I attended a special presentation of a 60 year veteran certificate and pin to Rt. Ex. Julian H. Buncutter at his residence.  Also present were the Grand High Priest, Mt. Ex. Charles E. Cave, together with the Grand King, Grand Captain of the Host, and our very own District Deputy Grand High Priest, James W. Golladay, Jr.  Rt. Ex. John P. Westervelt photographed the occasion, and a good time was had by all!  I would take this opportunity to again congratulate Julian on attaining this milestone.  It has been my privilege and honor to have known of Julian as a child (his wife taught me Sunday school way back when), and to have been personally acquainted with him for more than 30 years.  I know of no Mason who better embodies the principles of Masonry, and I believe I am better for being able to count him as a mentor and a friend.  Congratulations, Julian!

We had originally planned to host Mt. Ex. Doug Jordan at our June Convocation, but he will be in Ireland attending to Knight Mason business, so I will try to reconstruct his program on the symbolism displayed on the Ark of the Covenant.  It promises to be an interesting and informative evening, and I hope you will continue supporting your Chapter by your attendance.  We will also be arranging the conferral of the Mark Master degree on at least one candidate and attending to other business.  Please mark your calendars and plan to be with us.

Lastly, Companions, do not forget that we will be holding our Past High Priests / Ladies Night at our July Stated.  Past High Priest and Ladies will dine for free, with a nominal cost to be paid by others, and the Convocation will feature an open program to be presented by Rt. Ex. Donald L. McAndrews who will reprise his portrayal of Ben Franklin or George Mason or some other historical figure!  If you have never had the opportunity to see one of Don’s presentations, or if it has been a while since you have had this pleasure, then you are in for a real treat!!!

Sincerely and fraternally,

Jeffrey G. Burcham, PGHP
High Priest



Charlie Davis Commander

James W. Golladay Jr. Recorder

Stated Conclave is on June  21st. 7:30 PM


The young line of officers are doing very well opening in “full” form and we have plenty of room on the sidelines for your participation.  There will be a practice at 2p.m. on Wednesday May 26th at Spurmont Lodge No. 98 for the purpose of receiving the Grand Commander to the 4th Chivalric District on June 5th. Our new DDGC, Eminent Wayne E. Price will be conducting the practice along with our Commandery DIW, Eminent James W. Golladay, Jr. Please come on out and be part of this experience. As I mentioned there will be dinner at 6p.m. for June 5th at Unity Lodge and all Sir Knights, ladies and guests are invited and welcomed to attend this most important visitation of our new Grand Commander.

As a fund raiser for the Winchester Commandery No. 12, our Commander, Eminent SK Charlie Davis is collecting old discarded cell phones. Please gather all you have laying around and bring them to Commandery or give them to a Sir Knight. No chargers or accessories are wanted, just the old phones. These will be turned into cash so please support this fund raising effort.

At our conclave in June we will be having a program on “Ascension Day”, one of the important days celebrated by we Christian Sir Knights. As always, there will be plenty of good refreshments.

Until we meet again,
Yours in Christ,
Charlie E. Davis, Commander



Noble John R. Cordani

Noble: Edward J. Marshall

Dinner Meeting @ Perkins Restaurant June 17th

Dear Brothers and Nobles,

This spring the Winchester Shrine Club received an autographed, validated and authenticated copy of D. Brown’s book, The Last Symbol. The book is the prize for a New Year’s Eve drawing to be held at Kena Shrine Temple. Kena’s   Illustrious Potentate will draw the winning ticket sometime during the evening’s events. Tickets are priced at $1 per ticket, a book of 6 for $5. Tickets are limited in number; no more than 1,200 will be sold. The tickets are available from any member of the Winchester Shrine Club and will remain available only as long as the 1,200 is not exceeded or the Potentate draws the winner on New Year’s Eve. Tickets are always available from Winchester Shrine Club officers.

As always we invite all Masons and their guests to join us at Perkins on the third Thursday of the month for our Club meeting. God bless our efforts to support our children.

John Cordani



Robert  P. Hume

Ralph Simmons

The June dinner meeting of the Shenandoah Valley Scottish Rite Club will be held at Cassia Lodge,  Woodstock,  VA, on June 23, 2010.

Always remember that friends and family are welcome at these meetings.  They do not have to be Scottish Rite members, but also remember you are responsible for all reservations called in.

As a reminder, dinner will be at 6:30 p.m. and reservations will remain a MUST.  You should call Ill. Ralph Simmons, 33, for the next few months or Marvin Wilkin, KCCH, for reservations.  The June meeting will be the installation of officers for the ensuing year for the Shenandoah Valley SR Club.  Ill. Walter Scott Downs, 33 GC, will be the installing officer.

Just a reminder that the Alexandria Scottish Rite June meeting is the Teacher of the Year Program.  There will be a dinner and reservations are a MUST.  The cost will be $9.00.

Don’t forget the James Madison University visit on June 29th.  Make sure you call the Secretary of the Alexandria Valley Scottish Rite in order that he may have a head count and provide instructions.  It will be an outside event this year with casual dress and no ties.  Hoping for a nice day.

Always remember to carry a SR petition with you.  You never know when a brother might be interested in joining the Scottish Rite and our fall class isn’t far off.

Ralph E. Simmons, 33


Shenandoah Valley Chap. #543 National Sojourners
Joel Ratliff

Thomas Canterbury

Next meeting will be on Sat. Morning,    June. 26th  at Unity Lodge in Front Royal Va. right after Breakfast at about 9:30 am.

All Master Masons, Wife’s and Family are invited to attend our  Meetings.




Tammy Ohlschwager
Worthy Matron

Xerxes  Herrington
Worthy Patron

Donna J. McIlwee

June 8 – Serving dinner for the Mason’s 4-8pm
June 13 – School for initiation 4pm at the chapter
June 14 – Stated Meeting
June 26 – Chapter Picnic

Sisters and Brothers,

This year just keeps getting better and better.  The Worthy Grand Matron, Sister Jo Jett, attended our May meeting.

It was exciting to have her with us and even more exciting that
she presented Sister Kari Judson with a pineapple pin in recognition of signing petitions for new members.

Once again the ritual work of all our members was impressive.  We balloted on a petition and balloting is one of the more difficult activities to do correctly.

Your officers made it look easy!  Special kudos to Sister Jocelyn, our Associate Conductress.

We passed out blank petitions to everyone at the meeting in case you need one.

They are also available on our web site.

I and several members of McKinley have just returned from
Grand Chapter in Hampton. You all should be very proud. McKinley
earned the traveling trophy for initiating the most new members. (
I think Sister Bertie floated back to her seat after receiving it.)
While you may not have signed a petition, the warm welcome
visitors, new members and prospective members receive at
meetings and socials makes McKinley the place to be!

We will be initiating a new member at our June
meeting on the 14th.  There will be a school of instruction
on Sunday June 13th at 4pm at the Chapter.  Star Points
begin memorizing your parts now and as always please
call me if you would like to practice.  All officers will
need to wear white dresses (well the women, that is).

The picnic will be held at the Worthy Patron’s
home in Round Hill on Saturday, June 26th, so save
the date.  Sister Marci Kales is handling the food.
Meat and sodas will be provided.  Bring the kids,
bring a friend you’d like to have in chapter with you.

Things are really happening at McKinley, so be
sure to check the website at
You can also join our group on face-book.

Don’t forget the bus trip to Bedford, VA
to visit the D-Day Memorial on Saturday,
September 18th.  The cost will be
$60/person.  This includes the cost of the bus,
lunch and your entrance fee into the
Memorial.  Please contact Sister Kari Judson.

The Eastern Star aprons are almost gone—but we
can get more.

The chapter picnic is fast approaching (along with warmer weather).
The picnic will be held at the Worthy Patron’s home in Round Hill
on Saturday, June 26th, so save the date.  More details to follow.

We still have some members who have NOT paid their 2009
dues ($20).  If you are delinquent, please remit ASAP.
Dues for 2010 are also now payable.  Please send your dues
payment to our secretary at the address shown above.

Join us at the June meeting and see what surprises await.

Star Love,
Tammy & Xerxes