Virginia Trestle Board – March 23, 2012

Virginia Trestle Board – March 23, 2012

Michael A. Judson Sr., Master
R.W. James W. Golladay Jr., Secretary
Lodge Web Sight:

March 27th.Stated Communication @ Spurmont Lodge 7:30pm.
135 John Marshall Highway  Strasburg, Virginia

April 10th Stated PENDING

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Since our last Stated, we had a family night at the Lodge. We had pizza and a movie. There was a good very turn out. One of our new Master Masons Anthony Ethridge and his family came out. Among those who came with their families were 10 young boys. 10 boys who hopefully will one day ask their Dads the, all important question. The next event should be even better, with a make your own sundae and a movie.

Sadly I report, the family night was followed by a very unfortunate event. Our Lodge was broken into on the following Sunday. The who, is unimportant, the why, we may never know, the end result is we are very lucky. Lucky the Lodge building was unoccupied.  Lucky none of our members or those of the appendant bodies were present at the time. Lucky none of our priceless valuables were destroyed or taken. Lucky that the Great Architect above had looked down on us and made sure that any damage done was of minimal consequence. For the most part, all that was damaged was things that can be replaced. You should have closure that nothing was taken, and never have to wonder will we get it back, who has it, what are they doing with it. This very unfortunate incident does have a silver lining. The Lodge is getting some, much needed, new carpet throughout the building. The Lodge will prevail and come out stronger.

I was very proud to be a Freemason before this, and with the overwhelming response of not only the Lodges in our District but Lodges throughout the State offering help, aid and assistance, I am even prouder today to be a part, ever so small, of such a wonderful fraternity. Thank you everyone who prayed for us, aided our needs or offered assistance. Thank you very much. Brotherhood is alive and working.

Due to necessary Restoration the Temple is temporarily unusable and closed. Our Grand Master granted us a dispensation and our March Stated Communication will be held at Spurmont Lodge No.98 in Strasburg Virginia. And their Stewards have a great meal planned. Please email me with an R.S.V.P. if you plan to attend. Come from work, come from home, but come hungry.

Brethren, due to the incident at the Lodge I am going to postpone any degree work until our Lodge is back in working order. I was initiated, passed and raised in Winchester Hiram Lodge Temple and I want to afford all of our Petitioners and working Brothers the same opportunity. Your trustees and myself are working diligently to have this brief hiatus rectified as quickly as possible. Hopefully all will be completed for our April Stated, if not please look for a follow-up email and/or voice shot to those on the list with information.

Remember that the Grand Master of Masons in Virginia has proclaimed the 1st day of every month “Masonic recognition Day”. So be proud and wear something Masonic that day, better yet wear something Masonic everyday!

May the GOD of peace and Love delight to dwell with and bless you.

Michael Judson Sr., Master


Mark Pennypacker, High Priest
Jeffrey G Burcham, P.G.H.P, Secretary

April 12, Stated Communication 7:30 p.m.

The March stated meeting was very busy. John Dove #21, in conjunction with Valley of Virginia YRC #161, conferred the Mark and Past Masters degrees. It was a long evening. But, we saw several brethren put on the path towards the Royal Arch degree. Our thanks are given to Most Excellent Jeffrey Burcham for his fine efforts in the East for both of those degrees. Thanks are also given to all of the Companions who were part of the cast. You did a fine job. Finally, thanks are given to those Companions who came out and were part of the sidelines. We appreciated your support.

At the April stated, we will confer the Council degrees on our candidate. If you are able to attend and participate, we would welcome your presence. Degree casts will be formed and you should be hearing something in relatively short order.

As we move forward with our degree work, we should begin thinking about the Royal Arch degree. Chances are, the Companions from Luray will put on the degree. We will need to sojourn there and assist them. If you are interested, please look at the various parts for that degree. If you are so inclined, start learning a part.

Finally, we would like to thank the Brethren of Treadwell Lodge, Unity Lodge, and Spurmont Lodge for offering the use of their facilities as repairs are being made to Winchester Hiram #12. We appreciate your kindness and brotherly love.

Enjoy the warmth of spring. Hopefully, your allergies are not too bad

Mark Pennypacker, High Priest


Mark Pennypacker, Commander
James W. Golladay Jr., Recorder

Mon. April 16, 7:30 p.m.200th Anniversary Planning Meeting
Mon. April 16, 6:30 p.m.

Sir Knights;
Happy Easter! We hope this finds you well at this time of year.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank Treadwell Lodge #213 for allowing us to use their facilities during the time that Winchester Hiram #21 is undergoing repairs. We are fortunate to be part of a fraternity that reaches out quickly to those brethren in need.

At our March stated meeting, the officers for the 2012-13 were elected. They are as follows:
Commander-Mark Pennypacker
Generalissimo-Michael Judson
Captain General-Les Flowers
Senior Warden-Chuck Brinson
Junior Warden-Dan Carter
Prelate-Ray Steele
Treasurer-Mark Lentz
Recorder-Jim Golladay
Standard Bearer-Jeff Rutherford
Sword Bearer-Dennis Haas
Warder-Jim Kales
Sentinel-Rich Radi

Thank you to each one of the newly elected officers for your willingness to serve and your commitment to the craft. Thank you also for your confidence and support in allowing me to serve another year as Commander and as Deputy District Grand Commander.

The Grand Commandery will hold its Annual Conclave Fri. May 4 and Sat May 5 at the Doubletree Hotel in Charlottesville. If your schedule permits, it would be wonderful to have you attend.

As you move into the spring season, do take time to behold the “glorious works of creation”. In other words, take time to “stop and smell the roses”.

Pax Deo;
Mark Pennypacker, Eminent Commander