Virginia Masonic and Related News – March 31, 2011

Virginia Masonic and Related News – March 31, 2011

Harold L. Rohde, Master

R.W. James W. Golladay Jr., Secretary

Apr 5 MM Degree or Practic 7:00 pm

Apr 8 Grand Master  Visit @Unity 5:30pm

Apr 12 Stated Communication 7:30 pm

Apr 19 FC Degree 7:00 pm

Apr 26 EA Degree 7:00 pm


Congratulations to Bro. Arthur Carr for the excellent return of his FC Catechism and being raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason.  Thank you to everyone who attended, participated in the degree, and helped Bro. Carr on his journey into the mysteries of freemasonry.

Thanks to those who attended the Fred Bowman Ritual School on March 12.  It was an excellent school and everyone who attended was able to advance their knowledge of the ritual.

We were joined, at the Masters and Warden’s dinner, March 29th.,  by Grand Senior Warden Louis “Kerry” Campbell and Grand Junior Warden Paul Sleeper.  It was a wonderful evening and an excellent opportunity to fellowship with the Grand Lodge Officers.  Thanks to our Stewards and their committee for the excellent dinner they provided.

On April 8, Most Worshipful John Mason Chambliss, Jr., Grand Master of Masons in Virginia, will be holding an open meeting at Unity Lodge #146 in Front Royal.  Doors will open at 5:30, with dinner at 6:00pm.  Please RSVP to RW George Glavis by April 1.

We will be honoring Bro. Jay M. Gregg with his 25-year pin, and have a petition to ballot on at our stated communication on April 12.

A committee was appointed to study our expenses and income. At our March Stated they made a motion to change our By-Laws as pertains to dues and petition fees. At this April Stated we will discuss the motion and Ballot on these changes,

I have scheduled a Fellowcraft Degree on April 19, and Entered Apprentice Degree on April 26.  Please come out and join in the advancement of our new brethren as they begin their journey in Freemasonry.

Finally Brethren, May the God of Peace and Love delight to dwell with and bless you.

Fraternally, Harold Rohde, Master


Mark Pennypacker High Priest
Jeffrey G Burcham P.G.H.P. Secretary

April 14 Stated Communication 7:30 p.m.

At the March Stated Convocation, we were privileged to welcome Rt. Excellent Joel Ratliff, our District Deputy Grand High Priest, for his official visit. Rt. Excellent Ratliff noted that the Chapter did a fine job with the ritual work. Many of the Companions are relatively new to the Chapter. Yet, we are all pulling together and doing a fine job. Thanks to all of the Companions for their hard work in learning the ritual.

At our April Stated Convocation, we will have a short program on the meaning of spring as a time of growth and renewal for all. Companions will find the evening fairly entertaining and we look forward to seeing folk in attendance.

Thank you to all of the Companions who have taken care of their 2011 financial obligation. For those, who have not, the secretary would be more than welcome to receive your dues for the year.

On Friday April 22, the Grand High Priest of Virginia, M.E. Daniel Lee Bowman, will be making his official visit to the 15th Capitular District. The visit will take place at Unity Lodge, Front Royal. Dinner will be followed by a tiled convocation. We know that this is also Good Friday. Your support and presence, at this event, would be wonderful. Dinner will be 6 p.m. There is a cost of $10. Please let us know if you will be attending so that we might pass on that information.
Have a wonderful Easter season! Peace.
Mark Pennypacker High Priest


Mark Pennypacker High Priest
James W. Golladay Jr. Recorder

Stated Conclave is on April 18 7:30 PM Sir Knights; Thank you so much for the honor and privilege of allowing me to serve you as Commander of Winchester Commandery #12 for the 2011-2012 year. I am humbled by the position and pray that I might serve the Lord to the best of my ability in this position. We want to take the opportunity to thank Past Commander Charles Davis for his service to the craft during the past year. He stepped in and served at a time when we needed him most. We are indebted to him. During the coming year, we will be focusing on our ritual. In addition to a variety of programs, we will strive to open the Commandery in full form whenever possible. We want to let everyone, brethren and guests alike, know that we are serious about our craft.
The Grand Commandery of Virginia will hold its annual convocation at the Doubletree Hotel, in Charlottesville, the weekend of May 6-8. If your schedule permits, it would be great to see you there. Perhaps, you might travel down just for the day. Give it some thought.
In His Name;
Mark Pennypacker, Eminent Commander


Noble John R. Cordani, President WINCHESTER SHRINE CLUB
Noble: Edward J. Marshall, Secretary/Treasurer

Dear Nobles:   April  21st. Perkins Restaurant, Winchester Va. 6:00 p.m. The Winchester Shrine Club is moving forward in gathering Shriner’s to make a wonderful showing at the Saturday Apple Blossom Grand Parade. Thus far we shall have three and probably five Temples participating. There will be a significant Clown presence, Segways, and Shrine cars. The Winchester Club will have its Shrine Van in the parade for both our showing and to carry supplies for the Clowns. Following the parade there will be an early dinner at the Perkins Restaurant for the Shriners and their guests taking part in the parade hosted by the Winchester Shrine Club. The April meeting of the will have a presentation on how privacy is changing on the Internet and Computer based communications. What are your rights and expectations as a private citizen or at a non-government workplace?  Questions are entertained and welcomed.         As always we encourage any of our Masonic body to join us at Perkins on the third Thursday evening of each month. Please call me, John Cordani, or Ed Marshal for reservations.
Fraternally yours,
John R. Cordani



Michael A. Judson, President
ILL. Ralph Simmons  33rd.Secretary

I would like to invite you all out for our April 27 Dinner meeting being held at Cassia Lodge in Woodstock. As always, fellowship at 6:00p.m., dinner will be at 6:30 p.m. followed by a short business meeting and then a program. It is a dutch treat meal @ $10.00 per person. RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST.  You should call Ill. Ralph Simmons, 33° or Marvin Wilkin, KCCH. If you make a reservation you are responsible if you show up or not. I hope you can make it, and you will have a good time, some good food and good fellowship. As always you and your lady are welcome, and you do not need to be a Scottish Rite Mason to attend either. So if you know of someone who might be interested, please invite them to come along. Remember to carry an SR petition with you. You never know when a brother might be interested in joining the Scottish Rite. The Alexandria Valley Scottish Rite  spring reunion will be April 9th and 16th. Always carry a SR petition with you. This year we are celebrating 100 years of the Alexandria Valley Scottish Rite. We hope to bring in at least 100 new candidates for the year.
Michael Judson Sr., President


Kari Judson, Worthy Matron,
Michael Judson Sr., Worthy Patron,
Donna  J.   McIlwee, Secretary
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April 3rd New Officers’ Practice 1:00pm
April 9th Social in the Banquet room 4:00pm
April 11th Stated Meeting 7:30pm:  celebrating Easter & the Chapter’s Birthday

Dear Sisters & Brothers, The Earth is ready to thaw out now. Spring is upon us!!!

March was an exciting month for McKinley Chapter. We held our installation on March 19th and we welcomed a new Worthy Matron and a new Worthy Patron for the ensuing year. I want to congratulate all of our new officers and thank you for filling these stations. I know that we will learn together and Mike and I are very blessed to have each and every one of you share this experience with us.

There will be a school of instruction for new members on April 3rd at 1:00pm. Please do your best to attend, everyone learns something at our schools and remember, these schools are open to non-officers as well and you are encouraged to attend.

On April 9th in the banquet room, we are having Brother Michael Neese do a short program on “being green”, about how we as individuals and as a Chapter and Lodge can become better stewards of the environment entrusted to our care. Refreshments provided.

Dues for 2011 ($20) are now payable. Please send your check to McKinley Chapter 19 to our secretary Or better yet come on down and pay them in person if you have not already. There are still a few members who owe dues for 2010 so check your card and make sure that you are up-to-date.

And lastly if you would like to come to a meeting and are unable to drive yourself, let me know, we have many members from all over the county and may be able to get someone to pick you up.
Star Love,
Kari & Mike Judson