Three Five Seven – # 221

Three, five, and seven
3 5 7
By Stan Shapiro MD, Grand Lodge Education Officer G.L. of MN

“There is a destiny that makes us brothers, no one goes his way alone; all that we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own.” –Edwin Markham

The following article was written by Worshipful Brother Kenneth Baril, who is a member of the Grand Lodge Writers Guild and is Past Master of a Lodge in Cincinnati, OH

By S.K. Baril, P.M.

I have come to realize many things since I became a Mason. I have met men I would have never met otherwise. I had the opportunity to really get to know these men, not by their looks or touch, but by their hearts and soul. If I would have passed any of these men on the street before I became a Mason, the chances are I would not have noticed them.
I have met numerous men who have truly touched my heart in many ways. I have learned through their example to be a more compassionate person, a more understanding person, a more forgiving person, a more sincere person, and above all, a more loving person. Not one of these men has an uncharitable disposition; therefore, they are all true Masons.
Wouldn’t it be great if the whole world could be touched like this and to get to know each other in ways we would have never thought possible? I know if we did, there would not be any wars or homeless and hungry people. We must not let pride get in the way of love. We have to pause and try to imagine how it would be tomorrow if we lost a loved one very close to us today and never had the opportunity to say, “I am sorry,” or “goodbye”.
So, the next time you pass someone, don’t judge him or her by how he or she may look or act. Just turn to that person and give them your smile and soon this may catch on, then, we will all be smiling today, because if we don’t give our smile to someone today, we may not have the chance of giving it tomorrow, for tomorrow may never come.

Words To Live By: “We are not members of a club; we are Brothers”– Ed Halpaus

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