Three Five Seven – # 218

Three, five, and seven
3 5 7
By Stan Shapiro MD, Grand Lodge Education Officer G.L. of MN

“Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead”—Ben Franklin

The following article was written by a gifted writer, Brother Ron Parker, PM and LEO Albert Pike Lodge #237.

“What are the Secrets of a Master Mason?”

“Well, doesn’t everybody know that the Masons are a secret society?”

Once a brother becomes an Entered Apprentice he is informed by knowledgeable brothers that Freemasonry is not a secret society at all since we make many aspects fraternity available to anyone who would take the trouble to look it up. The Constitution of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota is online at the Grand Lodge web site for all to see, along with the names and locations of all our constituent Lodges and appendant bodies such as the York and Scottish Rites, Shrine, Eastern Star, Job’s Daughters, Rainbow Girls and Demolay. Few secrets here!

On that issue, Masons are about as open as a fraternity can get. The qualifications to join our ranks are relatively few: You must be a male at least 18 years of age, and have a belief in a Supreme Being. As the world’s oldest fraternity whose history includes periods of persecution in other countries by both Church and State officials, we have developed a few ways – call them secrets if you will – for one Mason to identify himself to another. So the bottom line is that we are an open fraternity that has a few secrets.

Most Master Masons have been asked this question a number of times sometimes by non-Masons. The thinking Mason would do well to avoid the question by changing the subject.

Getting back to the question at hand, the questioner was probably expecting to hear something juicy that could be spread to friends as coming from one who has an inside track to something that not many folks know. The real truth is that the thinking Master Mason knows that it would take much more than a college education – and even that would be insufficient – to give a proper answer to that question.

Isn’t the answer to that question like asking a Mason to define the Supreme Being in 25 words or less? Now, how would you do that? What part of indefinable is it that you don’t understand?

Words To Live By: “A man’s true secrets are more secret to himself than they are to others.” –Paul Valery

“If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.” – Khalil Gibran

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