Three Five Seven – # 200

Three, five, and seven
3 5 7
By Stan Shapiro MD, Grand Lodge Education Officer G.L. of MN

“Masonry gives us all a chance to do and to be” –Carl M. Claudy PGM

The following is a poem by Brother S. Kenneth Baril, who is a gifted writer, and a member of the Grand Lodge Writers Guild and Education Committee.


Will the future remember?
What we did here today?
Will the future remember?
If it does, what will it say?

Will it say we were humble?
Will it say we lost sight?
Will it agree with our reasoning?
Whether wrong or right?

Will the future remember?
Of the subjects we spoke?
Will it defend our actions?
Or condemn promises we broke?

Will the future remember?
Will it forget our face?
Will it understand our methods?
To make your world a better place?

Will the future remember?
These men of the past?
Will the future acknowledge?
The shadows they cast?

Will the future remember our relief
To brothers in pain?
Will the future remember?
We did it without thought of gain?

Will the future remember?
We did the best that we could?
Will the future remember?
We tried to live as we should?

Will the future remember?
Our oaths on bended knee?
Will the future remember promises made
Between God, you and me?

Whether or not the future remembers

Or shares our point of view,

You are the future, my children

We did it for you!

Words to Live By: “What motivates people and makes us happy, researchers are mostly in agreement: Money isn’t the key to happiness. What really gives people meaning and happiness is a combination of four things: Control over what they’re doing, progress in what they’re pursuing, being connected with others, and being part of something they enjoy that’s bigger than themselves.” —Morgan Housel – March 4, 2011 in the Motley Fool

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