Orient invitation to all Scottish Rite Masons in West Virginia

This is an Orient invitation to all Scottish Rite Masons in all Valleys in West Virginia.

S.G.I.G. Jack Yost is asking all the Scottish rite members in West Virginia to attend a conference at the Scottish Rite Temple in Charleston, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on August 11, 2012.

A presentation by S.G.I.G. Illustrious Brother William “Bill” Brunk of North Carolina, who will discuss the Supreme Council’s Strategic Plan.
This presentation on the future goals of Supreme Council will be of interest to all Scottish Rite Masons.

I particularly want to place emphasis on the Personal Representatives, Secretaries and Heads of Bodies, all Officers, all Committee members and all Chairman, KSA members and officers and all honor men.
This is scheduled beginning and ending times such that most can attend and return home in one day.

There is no registration fee and an optional lunch will be offered.

Please call the Consistory in Charleston at 800-445-7833 so arrangements can made.

S.G.I.G. in West Virginia