New Commandery in West Virginia


Right Eminent J Stephen Wilson, Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of the State of West Virginia, traveled to Mannington, WV on January 17, 2011 to present a group of Sir Knights with the paperwork authorizing them to act as the  Jeffrey Owen Schrader Commandery, Under Dispensation.   This new Commandery, the first new Commandery in many years, was formed because of the interest of Knights Templar located in the “northern section of Marion County.”  They formerly were members of Crusade Commandery No. 6 located in Fairmont.  Harmony prevails between the two Commanderies.  The anticipated dais officers are George Price, Commander; Tom Six, Generalissimo; Josh Schrader, Captain General; Bobbie D Triplett, Treasurer; and Roger Raines, Recorder.  Stated conclaves are the second Tuesday monthly at 7:30 p.m.

J O Schrader Commandery U.D. plans to do the first two Commandery degrees at their Tuesday, February 8, Conclave beginning at 7:30 p.m.    They have no robes or equipment and are asking anyone knowing where those items are available to contact S.K. Tom Six
at .  Better still, come to Mannington to witness or give assistance to this fledgling group of Sir Knights.

Those wanting to send congratulations to the new Commandery should address an email to Tom Six at

Let me give you a couple numbers to reflect the interest in blue lodge and York Rite Masonry in Mannington:  over 170 members and family attended the Christmas party; over 100 shared breakfast.  They formed a new Royal Arch Chapter (Bobbie D Triplett 52), December 6, 2006.  For those oyster eaters, Mannington 31 is known state-wide for their annual “oyster feed” (they have an alternate for us non-oyster” Masons) and will serve at least 100 Masons.  Past Masters are honored on this night (March 5), dinner at 5, lodge at 7.  And that’s not all – the men plan to honor their ladies with a Ladies Appreciation Dinner on February 5.  The Mannington group has worked hard to restore Masonry in the northern part of Marion County.

FRONT ROW:  Tom Six, J Stephen Wilson (Right Eminent Grand Commander), George Price,
Joshua Schrader.  BACK ROW:  Mike Jones, Jerry Fowlke, Fred Cottrill, Roger Raines,
Bobbie D Triplett and Jeff Fleming

How about this picture of Grand Commander Wilson and Commander Price – smiling.  How many “official” pictures are plain faced, not showing the enjoyment of the moment.  I can’t disclose what happened to cause them to smile, but it worked.