More Light – April 11, 2011

Mehr Licht!
More Light!
Number 325 – April 11, 2011

Stories & Allegories
By Ed Halpaus, FPS

Allegory = a story with a hidden meaning – typically a moral or political one.

Fable= a short story conveying a moral

Parable = a simple story – to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson[1]

The legend of the third degree is such a story: An allegorical story, while not always accurate to any history, (political or scriptural,) is yet true – true in the same sense of many of the illustrative stories we might read in Shakespeare, Aesop, or in the Great Light are true, because they convey a message of truth and importance.

Instead of dismissing the third degree and its legend as so much necessary ritual to be endured in order to become a Master Mason, a voting member of a Lodge, (which, by the way, is obtained after the new Master Mason signs the Lodge by-laws,) the Master Mason and his mentor will be taking steps in the right direction when he studies the degree to gain knowledge of the lessons of truth contained in the different allegories (short stories) contained within the degree; the allegories within the degree can offer great insight to the Masonic Student, which will help him become the better man he came into Masonry to learn to be.

Any Mason who may wonder what there is to study in freemasonry needn’t look any further than the work, the lectures, and the charges of our three degrees. It has often been said, and it is a true statement, that the first step into Masonic Education is our degree work.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because it’s the first step that it’s elementary – too elementary to spend time on: it’s not! Most serious Masonic students and scholars study the three degrees of the Blue Lodge throughout their lives. You can spend many hundreds of hours in pure enjoyment studying the truth that can be found in our degree work.

In case you might wonder; the degrees in the Rites are expansions of the legend of the third degree, so if you get into the allegories and truth of those degrees – you will be learning the great truths they contain. This is true with every part of every degree including the Hiramic legend of the third degree.

One of the great things about freemasonry is that there is never shortage of important things to learn, to write about, to teach the brethren in your lodge, as well as the young brother you may have the pleasure to mentor.

Words to Live by: “A man’s life of any worth is a continual allegory – and very few eyes can see the mystery of his life – a life like the scriptures- figurative” John Keats

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