More Light – September 30, 2011

Mehr Licht – More Light
Number 332 – September 30, 2011

My friend and Brother Richard LePage[i] sends out some very interesting emails, not the least of which are word definitions, which are very helpful. Today I have one of my own to share with you; the word is “Targum.”

I came across this word while reading bible commentary in my bible study this morning. I was reading some wonderful scripture, – Psalm 37: 3-4 and the commentary was about these two verses. You might find the meaning of Targum interesting:

According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) Targum is an ancient Aramaic paraphrase or interpretation of the Hebrew Bible, of the type made from the 1st century C.E.[ii] The targum for the first 4 words of Psalm 37:3 (“Trust in the Lord”) is: “Trust in the Word of the Lord.”

One might wonder what this has to do with Freemasonry. The Great Light of Masonry [The Holy Bible] is central to Speculative Freemasonry, and has been for centuries, [iii]and, as The Great Light without which Masonry does not exist, Masons are encouraged to study it. That is one reason I have always maintained that a true Masonic Student will also be a Bible Student.

Having at least one good study bible in your library for personal learning and enjoyment is a good thing to have, but if you don’t have one presently the web site is a fine on-line place to go for bible study: There are a number of translations there; it makes studying the bible easy, convenient, economical, and enjoyable. I have many hard copy study bibles, which I really enjoy, but I still use as well. The older I get the more I enjoy on-line books and information.

For fun, if you go to ‘Search God’s Word’ read Psalm 37: 3-4 in a few of the translations there and also take a look at the commentary about these two verse for some of the translations.

Studying Freemasonry and the Holy Bible is a blessing that lasts a lifetime!

Words to Live By: “When you read God’s Word, you must constantly be saying to yourself, ‘It is talking to me, and about me.” — Soren Kierkegaard

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[i] If you would like to enjoy corresponding with Brother LePage, as I do he can be contacted at:

[ii] I use BCE and CE (Before common Era and Common Era) instead of BC & AD

[iii] How many centuries is an interesting topic to research and discuss, so if you’re looking for a good Masonic discussion or paper for Lodge you may want to consider the Bible and it’s role within Freemasonry.