More Light – October 25, 2010

Mehr Licht!
More Light!
Number 301 – October 25, 2010

Dear Masonic Student,

This week we have another fine essay about Freemasonry from our late Most Worshipful Brother Dewey Wollstein, Past Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Georgia.

Masonic Friendships

It is generally agreed that one of the finest fruits of Masonry is friendship. If we review our days and years in the field of Masonry, we instantly mark our experiences by various friendships formed over the years.

Acquaintances are easily made, and many, aside from our Masonic associations, grow into abiding friendships. However, there is a definite reason for the solid foundation upon which Masonic bonds are made and increased. Men who have in common the gifts of Masonic teachings, who share alike in such a glorious adventure, who take sacred obligations at the same Altar, lay the groundwork for enduring friendships and of such fiber that they have a spiritual strength beyond the power of description.

Masonry is ever the advocate of the principle of freedom of thought and speech, and the fact that men may differ in their private opinions tends to give dignity to man, and strength to Masonic friendships.

Men who keep before them the ideals of a universal religion, men not bound by the chains of edicts and dogma, but governed only by the dictates of conscience, men who are true to their government and just to their country, men who are ever conscious of their threefold duty to God, to neighbor and to self, men who do not practice deception—such men are the rightful claimants to rich and wonderful friendships.

Words to live by: “Read as you taste fruit or savor wine, or enjoy friendship, love or life.” Holbrook Jackson

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