More Light – November 15, 2010

Mehr Licht!
More Light!
Number 304 – November 15, 2010

By Stan Shapiro, LEO

Sometimes I think mankind has regressed to what society must have been like during the Roman Empire.

There is loss of respect for the value of human life. The television news reports homicide and crimes of all types, as well as drug and alcohol misuse and other pursuits of pleasure that are degrading men and women. Dictators are destroying na­tions. The world is being threatened by nuclear weapons. Cor­porations are often more interested in profits than treating em­ployees fairly or protecting the environment.

As Masons, we can serve as a model for a better society.

Our duties demand a higher sense of respect, fairness and responsibility. We develop convictions, principles and standards of behavior, which no one can buy or touch. Even though we enjoy more leisure than previous generations, we are bound by our first-degree obligations to keep a balance in our life’s work, interests and concerns. We are not caught up in the fast tempo of life. We slow down enough to enjoy the rich values life of­fers and our interests, sympathies and concerns include our family, our Masonic brothers and their families and our commu­nity. As individuals, we know our job of building is never com­plete, that no matter how long we live, life represents unfinished business and our true measure is the length of our shadow after we are gone.

Words to live by:  “Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.”  Albert Schweitzer

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