More Light – March 8, 2010

Mehr Licht!
More Light!
Number 268 – March 8, 2010

Dear Masonic Student,
This issue of Mehr Licht may be published a bit on the late side. I just got back from the annual Philalethes Feast and Forum, and for some reason I’m having a lot of problems with the computer I usually use to work on these papers. I’ve switched to my back-up desktop PC.
The following is an article by our late Brother Dewey H. Wollstein, PGM of the jurisdiction of Georgia.

Masonry’s Plan

Progress is growth. An institution cannot be great unless its objective is great. It cannot exert an influence unless its own purpose is directed toward physical, mental and moral growth. With all the sublime teachings of Freemasonry, our philosophy, out history, Masonry could not have long lived through the ages because of these alone. Practical application, the interpretation of ideals into action, into life – these are responsible for the perpetuation of our Fraternity. A system represents the blue prints; deeds and acts, the work on the building.

Krause, the founder of a great school of Masonic thought, expressed it in terms of Philosophy: “Masonry has to deal with the internal conditions of life governed by reason. Hence, its fundamental principles are measurement and restraint – measurement by reason and restraint by reason – and it teaches these as a means of achieving perfection.”
Masonry looks upon life as it is – views man divinely created, yet in a state of constant struggle to rise above himself step by step, from superstition, idolatry, hate, brutality. Often it seems that the struggle is of no avail, that never will man be willing to cast off the shackles by which he binds himself.

What is Masonry’s plan in this struggle? Is it the useless one of standing by and reprimanding human nature, raising its voice above the tumult to demand “Order”? NO. Masonry’s plan is to walk with men on the crowded squares of life; to enter the struggle; to make men – which can be done only by natural growth. Masonry’s doors are not open to the world, but its light shines for all humanity. Masonry does not attempt to enforce morality, but only to point out the natural blessings and happiness that arise from obedience to and harmony with Spiritual Laws.

The question is asked: Will Freemasonry have a place in the future? Can you imagine a world without Masonry? There will be readjustments, because ours is a progressive science, and changes consistent with today’s requirements will be made. But never will there be a change in the fundamental plan of Masonry.

Words to live by: The perfecting of one’s self is the fundamental base of all progress and all moral development.

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