More Light – June 6, 2010

Mehr Licht!
More Light!
Number 281 – June 06, 2010

Dear Masonic Student,

Before we begin with this issue of More Light, I need to mention something: The company that hosts my now defunct web site, and through whom I use an email distribution service wrote to me lately about me sending out spam. These email Masonic Education newsletters are only sent to those who ask to receive them. Nevertheless there have been complaints. I know not everyone who subscribes or reads these e-publications is a Freemason; Interest in Freemasonry is not limited to the initiated. There is no way of knowing where these complaints come from; the web hosting service will only give the name of the company it came through. Recently I have gotten a few emails, and I stress a few, from anti-Masons attacking and threatening me a bit. This may be a coincidence that the complaints and the attacking emails have come so close together. The only email addresses that I put on the distribution list have ‘subscribed’ through me. However the email service and other places have allowed subscriptions through those sources too. Also Masons will occasionally send me an email to add another Mason to the distribution list.

Coincidently because my web site is defunct I need to make some changes by September 1st in my email distribution system. These changes should eliminate any duplicate copies being sent to any one email address, and it will also mean that a person will only be able to subscribe by sending me an email, and to unsubscribe that person will also need to send me an email too.

Many of my e-publications are sent by some of the recipients to lists of their own. It’s flattering to know that others fell these e-publications of mine are worthy of passing on to others, and if you are redistributing these Masonic Education Newsletters my only request is that it is acknowledged where the information came from and that it is being distributed by a list other than mine. That way if someone wants to unsubscribe they know which list to go to for that purpose. No one should get these Masonic education emails unless they want to receive them.

Receiving these emails is strictly voluntary: If you are receiving these Masonic Education emails from me and don’t want to get them simply write to me at and tell me, and I will remove your email address from the distribution list. Unsubscribing is as easy as subscribing: Simply put unsubscribe or subscribe in the subject line of the email depending on what you want to do.



Seekers of Truth

I have long maintained that when it comes to books on Freemasonry any book you find that is written by Allen Roberts will be an excellent book for a Masonic Student to read, and his book ‘Seekers of Truth’ is no exception. The book is out of print, but you may still be able to get a copy on the used book market, or if you’re lucky there will be a copy in your Lodge library. To check for used books you can’t go wrong when you check with Brother Harold Davidson, of the Billings Masonic Library ( Brother Harold is a great resource for used Masonic books.

In ‘Seekers of Truth’ Brother Roberts reported on something Brother and Lieutenant Colonel David G. Boyd wrote in the April 1987 issue of the Philalethes magazine: The article covered the years of Nazism in Germany and that “regime’s persecution of Freemasons and Jews.”

“In the early days the attacks on the Craft were overlooked. They were considered ‘so clearly ridiculous that they took the same sort of action most American Grand Lodges now take in the face of attacks on the institution; it ignored them, expecting them to fade away. But they didn’t end, not even after Freemasonry had been successfully abolished in Germany.

“Not all Masons, however, abandoned Freemasonry during the liquidation of the Grand Lodges. Many collected the symbols and regalia of their Lodges and hid them. One of these was the Master’s jewel dating back to 1785. It was cut into small pieces and hidden. (After the war is was soldered together and is highly prized today.) It was in this period that the Forget-Me-Not became a Masonic symbol… In Bayreuth in early 1934, the Grossloge Zur Sonne (Grand Lodge of the Sun) decided a more subtle symbol [other than the Square and Compasses] was required, and elected to wear the forget-me-not, an 8unobtrusive little blue flower.”

Brother Roberts wrote that Brother Boyd noted that the Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget-Me-Not in America honors those Freemasons who devote their lives and talents in the fields of Masonic Education and writing. Brother Boyd concluded with this poem by J.J. Watson:

“When to the flowers so beautiful, the Father gave a name,

There was a little blue eyed one, all timidly it came.

And standing at the Father’s feet, and gazing in his face,

It said with low soft spoken voice, and yet with timid grace,

‘Dear Lord, the name thou gavest me, alas, I have forgot.’

The Father looked so kindly on him and said ‘Forget-Me-Not.”

Words to live by:  “The earth laughs in flowers.” E.E. (Edward E.) Cummings

To view and participate in this week’s Masonic Monday Question, please go to  and click on the Lodge Education forum. When you have an answer, send it to The Masonic Monday Question for the week of 06-07-10 is: Who wrote the Prayer / poem: “Oh, Lord, Bless this Glorious Order; bless its friends; yea, bless its enemies, and make their hearts as soft as their heads. Amen.”

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Masonic Brotherhood of the Blue Forget-Me-Not #446

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