More Light – August 27, 2012

Mehr Licht!
More Light!
Number 342 – August 27, 2012

Dear Masonic Student,
This e-publication called Mehr Licht, or More Light, was begun to pass on information to Masonic Students information I would come across that in my opinion would be of useful interest to Freemasons. Because of this some of the content may not meet the strictest test of a Masonic article; however, many would, and I think many will meet the test of being a Masonic article if we think of a Masonic article being one which would include information that is useful and interesting information a Mason could learn from. Articles will be mostly written by me, but at times I will include works from others, whose writing I enjoy.

“Always desire to learn something useful.” Sophocles: was an ancient Greek playwright

Volume of Sacred Law in the Grand Lodge of Minnesota
In the spirit of mentoring and bringing information about things Minnesota Masons need to know I offer the following:
In Minnesota the only Volume of Sacred Law that is open upon the altar is the Holy Bible, with the Square and Compass disposed, (or arranged upon its open pages,)upon its open pages; Psalm 133 for the 1st degree, Amos 7:7-8 for the 2nd degree, Ecclesiastes 12:1-7 for the 3rd degree.
However, it is also proper and appropriate to have other Volumes of Sacred Law placed on the Altar for other brethren who are not of the Christian religion. As an aside, this is my opinion only, it would be appropriate for a Catholic Bible or Book of Mormon to be placed on the altar along with other sacred books representing the various religions of Brethren present. In most cases if the Lodge could not afford to purchase each of these sacred books the Brethren of those religions and faiths should be asked to furnish a copy for the Lodge.
When a Brother is at the altar when taking the degrees it is very appropriate for him to for his hands to be placed upon his Volume of Sacred Law (VoSL) with the Square and Compass (Compasses) upon it when he repeats his obligation; after which they can be again placed by the Master for the degree back on the Holy Bible. Most Altars have space for the Bible on one other Volumes of Sacred Law to be upon the altar when the Lodge is at Labor.
The reason for this a man and Mason to place his hands on his Volume of Sacred Law is that an obligation taken on the VoSL of a Man’s own religion is more meaningful and binding for him than if he took it on the VoSL of another man’s religion. The wording in the ritual is not to be changed. The Holy Bible is the official VoSL for the Grand Lodge of Minnesota; as such it is the representative of all V’soSL. So we don’t change the wording of the ritual.

“Rule No. 1: Use your own good judgment in all situations. There will be no additional rules.” Bruce, Jim and John Nordstrom, co-presidents of Nordstrom department store, in the employee handbook

SECTION G9.08 A Brother stricken by his Lodge for non-payment of dues may be restored to membership by majority vote of the Lodge, without re-petitioning or investigation if within a year of being stricken he pays everything necessary to make him clear on the books of his Lodge. If after one year he wishes to be restored to membership it will be necessary that he petition the Lodge for restoration, after having paid everything necessary to make him clear on the books of the Lodge. The petition must then proceed in the same manner as a petition for degrees or affiliation.
(a)! A Lodge has the right to receive the delinquent dues from a member who has been
stricken for non-payment of dues before its consolidation with another Lodge and can also act upon his petition for reinstatement.

At the age of two, [our yet to be Masonic Brother Wolfgang Amadeus,] Mozart was taken to visit a farm, where he heard a pig squeal. “G-sharp!” he exclaimed. Someone ran to the piano. G-sharp was right. Bartlett’s Book of Anecdotes

After Lodge Trivia: What is the length of a cubit?
“A measure of length employed by the ancients equal to the length of the arm from the elbow to the tip of the middle finger. Among different nations the length of the cubit differed. Indeed it was customary for the Master of the work to use the length of his own arm as standard. The cubit of the Romans was about 17 2/5 inches; that of the Hebrews 22 inches, but its length is now generally stated as 18inches.” Albert Mackey

Here’s something you might like: W.B. Leon Zeldis sent this link; to the members of The Philalethes Society through its Yahoo Group. You might like to see it. It is a short video of a large cavern “King Solomon’s Quarries” in the city of Jerusalem. It’s an interesting video.

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