More Light – April 4, 2011

Mehr Licht!
More Light!
Number 324 – April 04, 2011

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The following article was written by Brother Howard Coop. As you will see he is a very good writer. He writes a regular column called “An Encouraging Word,” which is syndicated to ten newspapers, one monthly publication, and one bi-monthly publication. The article below comes from that column. Brother Coop is also the Chaplain in his Lodge; Lancaster Lodge No. 104 F. & A.M. in Lancaster, KY you can email Brother Coop at I’m sure you will enjoy hid article. – Ed

By Howard Coop

Several years ago I wrote an amusing note to myself on an index card, and I have kept that card where I can look at it frequently.  That simple note I wrote is an excellent reminder of an important idea for daily living: taking responsibility for one’s action is, always and under all circumstances, important.

I wrote that note one morning after reading the comic page in the newspaper, something I do almost every day.  I know there are those who do not read the comic page; they think of it as unimportant.  But at times, it contains significant things that, indeed, are important.

In one of my favorite pieces, a little boy, about five years old, must have been in serious trouble for something he had done, for his mother, in a way that only mothers can, reminded him of his misdeed.  After she had spoken pointedly to the little boy, he looked up at her and, in a childish sort of way, said, “Any time I do anything, you always blame me!”  Well, one might ask, who else is there to blame?

The attitude of that little boy, when it is in small children, may be, and is, accepted by adults as good humor, and we can, and do, laugh heartily about it. But whining and attempting to play the blame game in adult life is not humorous, and it doesn’t get any individual anywhere.  More is expected of mature adults.  Under all circumstances and in every situation, they are expected to assume responsibility and act accordingly.  When that happens, they are accountable for their actions, and priorities are established so that first things are always first.

Taking responsibility upon one’s shoulders is important, and it has significant results in daily life.  From the early days of youth, I recall good friends and good teachers reminded me, and others, of an old adage:  Take responsibility upon your shoulders, and there will be no room for chips.

Words to Live by: 
You are not responsible for the programming you picked up in childhood.  However, as an adult, you are one hundred percent responsible for fixing it. – Ken Keyes, Jr.

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