Messages From The Heart

Messages From The Heart

Following is a statement from Mr. Frank J. Haas, a former Grand Master of the GLWV.  I do not feel I am violating my obligation to “not hold converse on the secrets of free masonry…..expelled…”.  The daily activities have been reported to you because they became public knowledge.  Posting Frank’s words gives him the opportunity to speak with those of us who at one time referred to him as “my Brother,” even calling him the Most Worshipful Grand Master.   This is a most depressing time in my life to live by the obligation I took at the same altar where you took a similar oath.  My understanding of God’s commands is to hate the sin but not the sinner – that’s entirely under God’s responsibility.  I don’t back off from a friend and I won’t now.  I have never had any reason to question Frank’s dedication to humanity and, when he was a Mason how he encouraged my participation in the ritual, visitation, being humble to all mankind.  Brethren, I traveled to England and Scotland, to Minnesota and all over West Virginia and I never saw any action illegal or unethical.  Frank and I may never again talk about the “secrets of freemasonry,” but I will still extend my right hand of friendship, I will always treasure the good deeds Frank has done for me and my family.  I searched my heart and maintain the friendship I have with Dick Bosely and his family. A truly good man has suffered greatly, for what?  I never met Justin Blankenship, but my heart aches for the Blankenship family. Accordingly, I encourage you to search your hearts and judge yourself accordingly.

I have been blessed for the past 25 years through my Masonic ties, I have met many wonderful brothers.  And now I’m trying hard to put those good times in front of this very bad, sad day.


Harold E Phillips, Jr., PM
Aurora Lodge 43, Newburg


Reflections on my trial
I won what became a bitter contest, because the Court ruled, as I said from the beginning, that there had been a breach of contract: the Grand Lodge did not follow its own law, which forms a contract with all its members. The Grand Lodge denied my right to a fair Masonic trial. The Court also separately ruled that grand masters cannot summarily expel any members, and it is unreasonable and unenforceable if they do. However, without injunctive relief, which I also requested, winning is a Pyrrhic victory: it feels empty, like this whole process. The true loser in this sad affair is our gentle Craft in West Virginia and those many honorable Masons who suffer in silence while the in-crowd crows about dodging a bullet.

Without ever allowing the Craft to vote on it, your grand officers spent perhaps $400,000 from our – your – treasury, only to lose their case. My own legal expenses approach several times my annual salary—a problem I have yet to solve.

It is true: I remain unlawfully expelled. But that doesn’t matter to me now. Doing the right thing is far more important. It is the fading of the dream of the Wheeling Reforms that I mourn. They are so sorely needed, the reforms that we voted on and which were adopted by the Craft in our Grand Communication in Wheeling in 2006. The favorable vote was proven in sworn testimony by three witnesses in my trial, yet these reforms continue to be denied. Masons in West Virginia still may not pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States when we assemble; a handicapped war veteran cannot become a Mason if he lost his thumb; and our rules about participation in funeral honors remain deplorable and an insult to widows and families. And we say we honor widows! My friends, I fear that without these reforms, and the others, we will continue to be mocked, and marginalized, and will miss the resurgence now taking place in other jurisdictions.

I won—but not enough to bring West Virginia the justice that had been denied her, and for that, I am profoundly sorry. Please know that I did my very best.

Frank Joseph Haas
133rd Grand Master of Masons in West Virginia
Senior Deacon, Steubenville Lodge #45,
Grand Lodge of Ohio, F & AM
16 December 2010