Masonic News – March 2, 2010

Masonic News
March 2 2010
M. W. Gregory A. Riley, Sr.
Grand Master of Masons in West  Virginia

MASONIC HOME – Did you know that the  Regulations have been changed whereby an applicant is not required to give up  all his lifetime assets to be admitted to the Home?  Yes, the following  members of our Masonic Family may now come into the Home on a “pay as you go”  basis. (1) A Master Mason and his wife. (2) The widow or child of a  deceased Master Mason. (3) The daughter, sister, or mother of a  Master Mason. Note: Those of sufficient financial assets may  be required to pay a one time entrance fee. Interested Brethren may  secure entrance forms from Lynn Dodrill, Box 869, Parkersburg, WV 26101.   Thank you MW Paul Cottrell, PGM, Grand Treasurer, for providing this  update.


BRETHREN:  Congratulations and THANK YOU very much for your support of the Penny-A- Day program.  To date you have contributed a total of $634,942.13.  The largest year contribution was $95,156.34 and the smallest was $21,098.13.  We hope and urge you to continue to support this program as it has been a true success thus far.  PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK as it can only succeed with your help through contributions with your dues payment and the change pennies and all that you put in the containers at your lodge.   Thank you!

Fraternally, Bill F. Gardner, PGM.

P.S.  There are  indications that some Lodges have not included their contributions to the Grand Secretary with the annual report.  You may want to check with your Lodge Secretary to insure that your contributions are supporting this program.
And last, but certainly not least, take time to read “Around The Temple” posted by Wor. Butler Adkins.  He keeps everyone up to date on happenings, especially in the southern part of WV.  He’s from Huntington, on the banks of the Ohio, and home of the Marshall Thundering Herd.



All Schools begin at 1:00 P.M.  Officers, Coaches, and all interested Master Masons are invited to attend.

Mar 7     at Lewisburg   GPS  Latitude  37.80521071  Longitude  80.45820966 & Shinnston    GPS  Latitude  39.37626667  Longitude  80.31093336

Mar 14   at Kingwood    GPS    Latitude  39.47145  Longitude  79.68705001

Mar 21   at Beverly  GPS Latitude  38.84176667  Longitude  79087470003 & Moundsville    GPS  Latitude  39.92021667  Longitude  80.74858336

Mar 28   at Charleston    GPS  Latitude  38.3486948  Longitude  81.6351697 & Rock Cave    GPS 38.83548335  lONGITUDE  80.34450003

Apr 11    at Crum    GPS  Latitude 37.90370719  Longitude  82.4436201 & Ravenswood    GPS  Latitude 38.95316163  Longitude  81.76089104 & Berkley Springs    GPS  39.62646667  Longitude 78.22650001

Apr 18    at Bridgeport  GPS Latitude  39.29548334  Longitude  80.24258336 & Linden  GPS  Latitude  38.71973334  Longitude  81.21043334

Apr 25    at Princeton    GPS  Latitude  37.36870893  Longitude  81.09727806

May 2     at Clarksburg    GPS  Latitude  39.28078334  Longitude  80.34128336

May 22   at Ceredo  GPS  Latitude  38.39737145  Longitude  82.55738858


Mannington Lodge # 31 will confer the Entered Apprentice degree on one candidate on Tuesday March 2nd.   Please don’t forget also the Oyster Supper on Saturday March 6th, dinner starts at 5 pm and Lodge starts at 7:30 honoring our Past Masters.Thomas W. Six, W.M.

The Worshipful Master of Middlebourne Lodge No. 34 AF & AM has called 2 specials to do degree work.      GPS Latitude 39.49281668      Longitude 80.90328335   Saturday, March 6, 2010, we will try again to confer the Master Mason degree on 2 law enforcement officers. Dinner will be at 5 PM with the work to follow.   Everyone that is a Master Mason is invited to attend both degrees.  Fraternally   George Birklein  Secty. No.34

MANNINGTON 31, GPS Latitude 39.52988334  Longitude  80.34433336   March 6th as you probably know is the Oyster Supper night.  The Grand Master as of right now will be in attendance.  Dinner starts promptly at 5:00 p.m. and Lodge will begin at 7:30 p.m.  No work is planned for that evening, except to receive the Grand Master and dignitaries and guests and to honor the Past Masters of Mannington Lodge #31.

HERMON 6, CLARKSBURG GPS Latitude 39.28078334  Longitude 80.34128336 Saturday, March 13, Past Masters Night.  Dinner @6, Lodge @7 pm.  Grand Master Gregory A. Riley, Sr. will be attending.


Huntington 53
Latitude 38.4226377  Longitude 82.44053011 will have Past Masters’ Night on 20 March. More information will be coming
Martinsburg will be celebrating our bicentennial this year.  We have set the date, it will be September 18th.  Plans are still in the developmental stage but we are planning an open house at the lodge building during the afternoon and the dinner following at Asbury Methodist Church.  I have confirmation that the Grand Master will be there and we will be sending out invitations to all the lodges sometime this summer.  I have also invited the Grand Master of Virginia but have not as of this date received a response.  You may want to write this date down and keep it open.  R.W. Geral Raynes, Junior Grand Warden



Monday, March 8, Waynesburg Lodge No.153

Wednesday, March 10, Beallsville Lodge No. 237

Monday, April 5, Washington Lodge No. 164

Monday, April 12, Chartiers Lodge No. 297

Tuesday, April 20, Claysville Lodge No. 447

Wednesday, April 21, Joppa Chapter Demolay

Thursday, May 6, Valley Lodge No. 459

Monday, May 17, Sunset Lodge No. 623

Thursday, May 20, Martha Assembly Rainbow

Friday, May 21, Richard Vaux Lodge No. 454

Claysville 447, PA TUESDAY EVENING, March 16, 2010 at 7 o’clock,    30 minutes p.m., The Master Mason Degree will be conferred.  A light Lunch will be served starting at 6:30 P.M.     ===================================================================



BRETHREN, COMPANIONS AND SIR KNIGHTS – Look at the NEWS tab on the Grand York Rite Site.  You’ll find pictures and articles about the 1) meeting attended by M.W. Gregory A. Riley, Sr., Grand Commander Gene Ray Baker, Grand High Priest Don Peterson and S.G.I.G C B Hall; also 2) view pictures from the Commandery Inspection in New Martinsville; and 3) the SPECIAL Convocation at Tygarts Valley RAC.  The website Committee encourages your Commandery/Chapter to submit pictures/articles for inclusion on the site.  You’ll also find a calendar with York Rite meetings.  If you aren’t sure how to input info, contact Phil


TRAVEL SCHEDULE – MOST EXCELLENT DONALD E PETERSON, GRAND HIGH PRIEST, ROYAL ARCH MASONS OF WV March 6th     Adoniram No 11 Festival    GPS  Latitude  39.28078334  Longitude  80.34128336     March 8        Tyrian No. 13    GPS Latitude 38.3486948 Longitude 81.6351697
March 9         Point Pleasant No. 7    GPS Latitude 038 50.6717 N Longitude 082 8.2316 W
March 11       Beverly No. 23    GPS Latitude  38.84176667  Longitude  79087470003     March 12       Beckley No. 38    GPS Latitude 37.7764088  Longitude 81.18757018     March 13       Tyrian No. 13    Festival    GPS Latitude 38.3486948 Longitude 81.6351697
March 16       Jackson No. 48 (Ravenswood)  GPS Latitude 38.95316163  Longitude 81.76089104     March 19       Grand Chapter of DC     Martch 22      Wayne No. 18     GPS Latitude 38.22782868  Longitude 82.44234026     March 25       West Virginia Conclave Red Cross of Constantine – Charleston                               GPS Latitude 38.3486948 Longitude 81.6351697            March 27       SRICF  in Martinsburg, WV   GPS Latitude 39.4593  Longitude 77.97731667

ADONIRAM CHAPTER 11, Clarksburg GPS Latitude 38.3486948 Longitude 81.6351697
Saturday, 3/13, Royal Arch Festival, 8:30am vote on class additions, degree work at 9am. Light lunch.

Tyrian Chapter No. 13,Charleston,   GPS Latitude 38.3486948 Longitude 81.6351697
Festival. All Royal Arch Degrees will be conferred starting at 9:00 AM. Open at 8:30 AM to receive any petitions.  Date: Saturday, March 13, 2010     Time: 8:30am EST


WHEELING CHAPTER #1    GPS Latitude 040 3.9670 N  Longitude  080 43.1110 W

April 12, 2010, honoring Past High Priests.  More details to follow.  Harold Vitalie.


May 20 – 22, 2010, GPS Latitude  040 3.9670 N     Longitude    080 43.1110 W

Annual Conclave, Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of West Virginia, held in Wheeling, held in Wheeling, WV.  More details will follow later.


York Rite College


FORT HENRY YRC 61, WHEELING GPS  Latitude  40.06611667  Longitude  80.71851668

Saturday, May 8, 2010, 1pm, Annual Assembly,  Scottish Rite Cathedral, Wheeling, confer Order Knight of York on one candidate, election with open installation of officers.  The College is planning an open installation and the ladies will be invited to observe.  Also, a meal is being planned, including our ladies, following the Assembly.

Brethren – Please take note – per Harold Vitalie – west bound I70 will be closed beginning February 1, 2010 for approximately 11 months.  The closure will be at the Wheeling Tunnel.  I don’t have the specific directions but you can exit at the Oglebay Park (Perkins Restaurant) and follow that road to the left into downtown Wheeling.  You’ll go up a hill and at the crest take the right fork to the first traffic signal.  At that point, make a right to the next signal, then make a left and go through town to 14th street (I think), then go left a couple blocks.  The Scottish Rite Cathedral will be visible. With the tunnel closed the best way to get to the Scottish Rite Cathedral (Wheeling) if your are going west is to exit right before the tunnel stay in right lane exit at 16th Street at first red light make right turn go two blocks to 14th Street and Scottish Rite will be one block on left.  If you want you can go 1/2 block to alley turn left to parking lot Thanks Bro. Gene Ray Baker for the directions.


Aurora 43, Newburg