Masonic and related news – October 27, 2010

Masonic and related news
October 27, 2010

10/30/10, Chapter Festival. Clarksburg, 8am


Any chapter having candidates needing their work please feel free to bring them to the Festival. Balloting from 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. All Royal Arch Masons welcome.  All help appreciated. Lunch to be served.
George D. Jackson


Inspections are scheduled as follows:- REVISED
Nov 6-Clarksburg #13, 1pm, meal to follow, ladies invited –
IO J Sluss
GPS  Latitude 39.28078334  Longitude  80.34128336

Nov 13-Pennsboro #20, 1pm, meal to follow, ladies invited –
IO P Baker
GPS  Latitude 39.28433335  Longitude 80.96941668
Nov 13-St. Johns #8, Weston, 1pm, light lunch at noon and meal to follow, ladies invited
IO A Leach
GPS  Latitude 39.04068334  Longitude 80.46483336
Dec 4-Dowell #28, Ravenswood, 1pm, meal to follow, ladies invited.
IO P Baker
GPS Latitude 38.95316163  Longitude 81.76089104
Jan 15, 2011-Mountain State, New Martinsville, 1pm, meal to follow, ladies invited
IO A Leach
GPS Latitude 39.64176669  Longitude 80.86558335


Jan 15, 1pm, Ladies invited, meal at noon.
Inspecting Officer Ron  Jones.
GPS Latitude 39.65741854  Longitude 79.96530275
LOGAN, 2/19/11, 8AM, WITH INSPECTION AT 1PM.  At 8AM,Red Cross and Order of Malta conferred. Ladies invited, lunch, & meal following degree provided.
GPS Latitude 39.32618334  Longitude 77.74298334
Inspecting Officer Richard Riddle


DeMolay Update

State Fall Degrees Ceremony (Clarksburg Masonic Temple, Clarksburg, WV)
Wheeling Nailers Hockey Game (WesBanco Arena, Wheeling, WV)

Saturday, November 6th 2010

09:00am – 11:30am Ritual Practice
11:30am – 12:30am Lunch
01:00pm – 03:00pm Degrees
04:00pm Depart for Wheeling
06:30pm Meet in front of WesBanco Arena
07:00pm Game Time!


Michael Anthony Burge
State Master Councilor
West Virginia DeMolay

visit us on the web at:



11/4 STATED, Past Masters Night, 6pm Dinner (Cabbage Rolls)
and EXTRA 11/9, 7pm, confer Master Mason & Fellow Craft Degrees
and EXTRA 11/10, 7pm, Confer two Fellow Craft Degrees
and 11/26 EXTRA, 7pm Confer three Fellow Craft Degrees




Terry R. Shaffer, Master
R.W. James W. Golladay Jr., Secretary

Nov  2:  MM Degree practice 7:00pm
Nov 3-6: Grand Lodge in Richmond
Nov 9:   Stated  Comunication 7:30pm
Nov 16:  FC Degree / Practice 7:00pm
Nov 23:  EA Degree / Practice 7:00pm
Nov 30:  Master’s/Wardens – Washington #78 7:00pm


2010 is quickly drawing to a close.  We have enjoyed a great success this year because of the service and support of each of you.  I want to say thanks to all who have help with the workings of the Lodge, filled the sidelines during Stated Communications and Degree conferrals, or simply served as an example of Freemasonry in your community.

We will be honoring a 60 and a 25 year Masonic Veteran at our November Stated Communication as well as honoring the Military Veteran’s who have served our country.

Our work of making good men better continues.  We have petitions coming in and Degree conferrals taking place each week.  As our Lodge grows, we need assistance of each member to welcome, mentor, or coach our new Brethren.   They decided to become Masons based on the example of men like you.  Let’s reassure them that they have made a good decision to join our fraternity in the way we participate in their Masonic journey.

The Stewards,  continually to, go above and beyond  call of duty to meet the needs of the Brethren.  I appreciate all their efforts on our behalf.  Refreshments have been great .

I hope this finds everyone well, and I look forward to seeing and greeting each of you at our November Stated meeting.  Good fellowship and refreshments will follow, so mark your calendar.

I wish everyone and their family a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

Finally Brethren, May the God of Peace and Love delight to dwell with and bless you; both now, and forever more.

Terry, Master



Mark Pennypacker, High Priest
Jeffrey G Burcham, P.G.H.P., Secretary

November 10 Practice (7:00 pm)
November 11 Stated Convocation (7:00 pm)


At our most recent convocation. The conferral of the Mark Master degree went very well. For only our second time, there was a noted improvement in the performance. Well done! We would also like to note the performance of the Valley of Virginia YRC No. 161. They did an excellent job in conferring the Past Masters degree. Thank you again for your participation in the work of our Chapter.

I would like to give a special note of thanks to Most Excellent Jeffrey G. Burcham, Rt. Ex. Aubey A. Dellinger, Jr., and Companion Michael A. Judson for all of your work. We could not have done it without you. Our newest Companions also participated in the ritual work. James G. Kales and Daniel J. Carter gave a superb performance.

At our November Stated Convocation, the Select, Royal and Most Excellent Master degrees will be conferred. Degree casts are being formed. If you would like a part, please contact Most Excellent Jeffrey Burcham or me.  There are many parts available. Your presence would also be most welcome. Please note that the November Stated Convocation will begin at 7:00 p.m. The time is being moved up one half hour so that we can assure the completion of the degree work.

The Grand Chapter of Virginia will hold its Annual Convocation during the weekend of November 20th. Many John Dove #21 Companions will be traveling to Williamsburg. It is going to be a great time! Please give some thought to joining us.

Thank you again for making John Dove #21 a great part of Masonry!

Mark Pennypacker, High Priest



Charlie Davis, Commander

James W. Golladay Jr., Recorder

Stated Conclave is on Nov. 17th 7:30 PM

Sir Knights,

The 1st of the Orders were conferred at our Stated Conclave.

If you know of a Royal Arch Mason who is interested in joining the Commandery, now is the time.

Plans are well underway for the Christmas celebration, to be held on the 3rd Monday of December, at Winchester #12. This will be open to all Knights, Royal Arch Masons and interested Master Masons and family members.

Charlie D. – Commander



Noble John R. Cordani,President

Noble: Edward J. Marshall, Secretary/Treasurer

This note arrives to all our brothers at the beginning of the Holiday Season. We step into fall and get ready for the chill of winter. All about us, the stores are already displaying the decorations of the season. It is our hope that we all take a minute or so and go well past the decorations to the heart of the matter.

The Winchester Shrine will  participat in the Shrine Football Game on October 30th. The game has become a tradition of the season that in some way recognizes the services we in the Shrine provide our communities. Coming as it often does in proximity to the Holidays I have always seen the game as a way we, in the Shrine, recognize our communities. I have yet to take a child to the Shrine hospitals and feel badly about the time, the expense, and the child’s treatment. More oft than not, I come away with several feelings of thankfulness. Thankful that I can provide some service to the children. Thankful that we have such a marvelous system, to provide care. And thankful, in our case, that our grandchildren do not need our care.

After the tailgate, after our Thanksgiving session, after the decorations let us all give thought to the wonderful opportunity God has given all Masons and Shriners in helping. Perhaps, just perhaps, some weight will be placed in the scales when we are called to that great temple built not with human hands.

We hope you all come to celebrate the seasons with us at Perkins on the 3rc Thursday. This month we shall have a bit of a working program. Our work will involve planning for the Apple Blossom week, especially the events on the May 1st parade. Our main topic will be on how we might bring all Masons into presenting a solid presence at the parade. To that end we hope to be joined by, and this is the invitation, at least a brother Mason from all the lodges in the valley ,who will entertain being in the Apple Blossom parade.

Please call either myself or Ed Marshal if you will attend our November 18th meeting

As always we invite one and all to join us at our next meeting at the Perkins Restaurant, Winchester, Virginia. God be with you all.

John R. Cordani, President



Michael A. Judson, President
ILL. Ralph Simmons, 33rd., Secretary

This is just a reminder the Shenandoah Valley Scottish Rite Club does not meet during the months of November and December. We will resume our meetings in January. Our January meeting is at Unity in Front Royal on the 26th. More information will follow as we get closer to the New Year. Also if you know of someone who might be interested in joining the Scottish Rite, please invite them. Remember to carry a petition with you. You never know when a brother might be interested in joining.

On behalf of the entire club, I want to wish you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.
Michael Judson Sr., President


Shenandoah Valley Chap. #543 National Sojourners
President, Joel Ratliff
Secretary, Thomas Canterbury

Next meeting will be on Sat. Morning, Nov. 30th at Unity Lodge in Front Royal Va. right after Breakfast at about 9:30 am.

All Master Masons, Wives and Families are invited to attend our Meetings.




Tammy Ohlschwager, Worthy Matron
Xerxes Herrington, Worthy Patron
Donna J. McIlwee, Secretary
Chapter Web site:

November 6 District School Luray 9am
November 8 – thanksgiving dinner 6:00 pm, Stated meeting 7:30pm

Greetings friends,

Hope everyone is getting ready for the holidays and the colder weather. Our November stated meeting will be preceded by a Thanksgiving dinner at 6:00pm. The meat will be supplied and members are asked to bring a side dish/vegetable or a dessert. We will also be initiating another new member (yeah!), so officers need to wear long white. If you cannot join us at the meeting, please let me know.

There will be an Area 11 (which we are part of) school of instruction on November 6th beginning at 9:00am at the Mason lodge in Luray. All phases of the work will be covered. You can expect the entire school to last until 3 or 4pm, but come for as long as you can. You are guaranteed to learn a lot. Breakfast and
lunch are being served by Paige chapter for a cost of $10. Reservations can be made by contacting Anna Justice.

See you soon.

Star Love,
Xerxes and Tammy