January 2012 Trestle Board for Winchester, VA. area Masonic Bodies

January Trestle Board for Winchester area Masonic Bodies
Trestle Board for January


Michael A. Judson Sr. ………… Master

R.W. James W. Golladay Jr. .….Secretary
Lodge Web Sight: www.winchesterhiram21.net

Jan. 3rd Practice……………. 7:00 pm

Jan, 7th.Official Visit of Grand Master of Masons ….. 2:00 pm

Jan. 10th Stated (Dinner at 6:30)…. 7:30 pm

Jan .17th Fellowcraft Degree….. . 7:00 pm

Jan. 24th Entered ApprenticeDegree..7:00 pm

Jan. 31 Master & Warden.. Treadwell 7:pm

All masons are invited


By the time you are reading this we will soon be closing in on a New Year. I want to first thank Wor. Harold Rohde for his service to the Lodge, and for a wonderful Masonic year as Master. Second I want to thank all the Brethren for the confidence that has been bestowed in me, I hope I live up to everyone’s expectations and then some. And lastly I want to thank all the officers for the dedication they have given to our Lodge and Fraternity.
As a new calendar year starts, a new Masonic year has already begun. Winchester Hiram had an open Installation on December 17th. With a full house and just about standing room only, we installed our line of officers (both elected and appointed). And we have a great, energetic and strong line of officers to take our Lodge on a great journey. Part of that journey involves, you. Many of you reading this now, members of our craft, have become “card carrying members”. If that is all you want to be, that is okay, however I think you wanted more. You all were looking for something when you first started your journey in Freemasonry. Some of you found it, and some of you did not. Over the next few months you will be receiving a phone call from either one of the Wardens or myself. We simply want to personally ask you what were you looking for? If you did not find it, can we help you achieve what you were looking for? Did something happen to prevent you from attending your Lodge. For you see you are missed, you are needed and you are wanted. We have new young Masons looking for that very thing you yearned for, and with your life’s experience, your Masonic experience, you are, and have more to offer than you may realize. With that I want to personally invite you to come back, and what better time than our January Stated meeting. A Dutch treat meal is going to be prepared and served before hand. So come from work, come from home, but come hungry. I should also mention that the Grand Master of Masons in Virginia has proclaimed the 1st day of every month “Masonic recognition Day”. So be proud, wear something Masonic that day.
Our District has a new District Deputy, RW Charles Bennett Jr. Winchester Hiram is hosting his Homecoming at our January Stated meeting. So come on out, enjoy some good food, a interesting meeting and some great fellowship.

The Grand Master of Masons in Virginia first official visit will be to Districts 2,3,& 4 in a joint communication. It will be held at our Lodge at 2pm. There is a cost of $10 to cover refreshments and a gift. Because a large crowd is expected, tickets will be required. Contact your Master or District Deputy Grand Master for tickets.
And finally Brethren, may the GOD of peace and Love delight to dwell with and bless you.

Michael Judson Sr. Master 2012


Mark Pennypacker High Priest penny@visuallink.com
Jeffrey G Burcham P.G.H.P. Secretary vaghp01@aol.com

January 12 Stated Communication …..7:30 p.m.


Thank you to all the Companions who were able to make the December stated and holiday celebration. We hope that you found it enjoyable. Thanks are extended to Companion Jeff Rutherford for providing the music. The students, from James Wood H.S., did an outstanding job. Thanks are also extended to my wife, Judy, for helping plan and provide the dinner. It was great!

At our January convocation, there may be the possibility of degree work. We are awaiting a petition. More information will be forthcoming. This would be a wonderful time to extend a petition to any brother who might be interested in Royal Arch Masonry. John Dove #21 has been conferring degree work. But, these opportunities do not take place every month. In February, DDGHP Michael Goodwin will be
making his official visit to John Dove #21. At the January stated, we will review the ritual for his official

Thank you to Companion Jim Kales. Jim and I manned the Chain of Checks booth at the Apple Blossom Mall on Christmas Eve. We served on behalf of John Dove #21. The proceeds for the Chain of Checks went to the local Big Brothers-Big Sisters. Thanks Jim for your willingness to help our community! 2012 hopes to be a great year for Royal Arch Masonry. Thanks for being a part of it. Have a prosperous New Year!

Mark Pennypacker
High Priest



Mark Pennypacker Commander penny@visuallink.com
James W. Golladay Jr. Recorder golladay@shentel.net
Stated Conclave…Mon. January 16, 7:30 p.m.

Sir Knights;

Thank you to all who were able to attend the Christmas Libation. It was a wonderful evening. My wife, Judy, provided a wonderful meal. There was great fellowship. The music, offered by the James Wood High School Chamber Ensemble, under the direction of Mr. Thomas Law, was awesome!

Thank you also to all of the Sir Knights who journeyed to Front Royal on December 10 for the Grand Commander’s official visit. Several Winchester Commandery Sir Knights participated in the ritual work. Thanks for your willingness to do this. This day was originally scheduled for an earlier time. But, the snow got in the way. Still, we put our best foot forward. Great job! Thanks are extended to our DDGC Charlie Davis for all of his work in preparing the program.

A personal note of thanks is extended to Sir Knights Chuck Brinson, Dan Carter and Jim Golladay for providing a Color Guard at my installation as Masterof Treadwell #213. You did an excellent job and helped to make the night a memorable one for everyone. You are the best!

At our January stated, we will be discussing a possible return to full dress uniforms. If you would like your voice to be heard, please attend. Even if you don’t have an opinion, it would be great to see you at our stated.

We hope this finds all of you well and that you have a great New Year! Pax Deo;

Mark PennypackerEminent Commander


WINCHESTER SHRINE CLUBNoble John R. Cordani President cordanij@earthlink.net
Noble: Edward J. Marshall Secretary/Treasurer ejm73@comcast.net

The January meeting of the Winchester Shrine will be held on Thur. Jan.19th @ Perkins restaurant in Winchester. As always we invite all Shriners to join us. We also encourage all our Nobles to make known our activities to any Masons known to live in the “Valley.”  Please call Ed Marshall for a reservation at least two days prior to the event. We invite one and all to our meeting at the Perkins Restaurant in Winchester.  Last Year the Spring Apple Blossom parade was a great showing of Shriners from several Shrine Temples and states. It is all our hopes that we can greatly increase our Masonic presence in the coming year. To that end we urge all lodges within the valley to work with us and present a united Masonic presence. We envision having all of us in one parade section, a wonderful show of force. If you would participate it is time to begin planning how your lodge will present itself. The parade is a show of floats and units. Nobel Cordani will serve as the parade coordinator for the Shrine and invites Valley lodges to select a coordinator or join us. We have been rather successful in having theparade organizers placing all our registered units together in one body. We can be magnificent together.

Fraterally yours,
John R. Cordani


MARK S. LENTZ President lentzl@comcast.net
ILL. Ralph Simmons  33rd Secretary ralphsim@verizon.net

I hope all had a great holiday season. I know I did and it was wonderful to be able to spend time with all of my family.

Our January Scottish Rite Club meeting will be held on January 25th at the Butcher Block Buffet located in Stephens City. There is no need for reservations at this location; just show up between 6:00 and 6:30 and chow down. The cost is $11.50 which includes your meal, drink and tip. After our dinner we will have a short business meetingfollowed by a scheduled program of music by Brother Vince and friends.

As always you and your lady are welcome, and you do not need to be a Scottish Rite Mason to attend either. So if you know of someone who might be interested, please invite them to come along. Remember to carry an SR petition with you. You never know when a brother might be interested in joining the Scottish Rite.

The Alexandria Valley Scottish Rite spring reunion will be held in Richmond on a one day conferral. More information is to follow. Again, Always carry a petition with you at all times; you never know who may be interested in joining the Rite.

God Bless and Be Safe.
Mark S. Lentz – President


Kari Judson Worthy Matron kari.c.judson@gmail.com
Michael Judson, Sr. Worthy Patron michael.judson.sr@gmail.com
Donna J. McIlwee Secretary dmcilwee@winva.com
Chapter Website: www.mckinley19.com

Monday, Jan.  9th at 7:30pm:  Stated Meeting and Initiation  Dear Sisters & Brothers: Another year is behind us and I hope that this findsyou well. We have had a very successful and exciting year so far and I want to thank each and every one of you for making it happen in one way or another.  Brother Xerxes Herrington announced his engagement at our December Stated meeting and we want to wish him a huge congratulations and this year we also welcomed Gabriel Carter who was born on October 14th to Sister and Brother Terry and Dan Carter.  We want to thank Sister June Higgins for opening her home to use so that we could fellowship for the Christmas party.  She was a wonderful host and we greatly appreciate your hospitality.  We hope that you will be able to make it out for our January Stated Meeting as we will be initiating a new member and it would be wonderful to see the sidelines full. Sister Becky Stern is planning a day trip to Massanutten Indoor Water Park for sometime in January.  Contact her beckylynnecanbereached@yahoo.com to let her know if you are interested in going. The date will be determined by the people who are going. We need to have several more people to go if we are to get the group rate.

Star Love,
Kari & Mike Judson