Knights Templar Officers Meeting – October 23, 2010

Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of State of West Virginia
Officers Meeting—October 23, 2010

Eminent Grand Captain General Paul O. Davis, chairman of the October 23, 2010 meeting of the Grand Officers of the State of West Virginia, welcomed all Sir Knights to Huntington Masonic Temple. Sir Knight Paul and Lady Shirley hosted a continental breakfast for all who wished to attend.  Lady Shirley noted that the unhealthy food (pastries and donuts) disappeared quickly while quantities of healthy food (bagels, fruit, etc.) remained plentiful.

Harold Phillips (left), a Web Page Committee member and WVU fan, discovered that the Herd Faithful can be quite hospitable. Eminent Grand Treasurer, Seba Anderson (right), traveled with Harold, who said later that on the way home Seba treated his fellow travelers to a cappuccino.  “Imagine! We broke into Fort Knox,” Harold remarked.

While the Sir Knights attended their meeting, the Ladies played card bingo and won several prizes.  Prior to lunch, Huntington No. 9 ladies conducted a Pig-in-Poke raffle which netted $187 for the Knight Templar Eye Foundation.  Winner of the pig-in-poke was Rachel Lackey and a consolation prize was won by Sir Knight Harrison L. Bailey.

A delicious lunch was served to 42 Sir Knights and ladies.

Huntington Commandery 9 Inspection

The annual inspection of Huntington Commandery No. 9 was held at the Huntington Masonic Temple on Saturday, October 23, 2010.  The Inspecting Officer was Richard Riddle, Eminent Grand Sentinel.

Huntington Commandery No. 9 had the honor of receiving Right Eminent Grand Captain General Paul O. Davis; J. Robert Vance, Grand Junior Warden; Johnnie M. Sluss, Grand Standard Bearer; Ronald E. Jones, Grand Warder; Past Grand Commander G. Ray Baker, Grand Recorder; Past Grand Commander Seba T. Anderson, Grand Treasurer and Grand Sentinel Richard D. Riddle, the Inspecting Officer.

Past Grand Commanders were received:  David E. DeMent (1985-86); Poston E. Drake (1991-92); John G. “Rick” Elam (1993-94); Vaughn F. Shafer, PGC and Past Mid-Atlantic Department Commander; G. Butler Adkins, Jr. (2006-07); and Leiton E. Miller, III (2007-08).

The Inspector General Gary B. Tucker and three of his deputies were also received through the lines. They were Deputy Inspector Division 3 Charles “Sam” Kraft, Deputy Inspector Division 6 Vincent Perry and Deputy Inspector Division 7 Carl Young.

Total attendance was 37 including visitors and one candidate. The Inspection and Order of the Temple was conducted by Sir Knights of Huntington No. 9 with one candidate, Robert Hammel, becoming a Sir Knight with the intent of being active in his Commandery.  (The photographer hired for a group picture was a “no-show.”)

While the Inspection was in progress, the Ladies were taken to The Pottery Place where they painted a handmade pottery masterpiece to celebrate their visit to Huntington.

Other activities included shopping and card bingo.  It was a most enjoyable day.