Grand Commandery Knights Templar officers 2011 – 2012

Please congratulate the newly elected/appointed officers to the Grand Commandery Knights Templar line of officers.  The line advanced and S.K. Daniel Witschey was entered into the line.  Donald L Showalter , PGC, was elected Grand Treasurer, replacing the deceased Seba T Anderson, PGC.

Grand Officers 2011-2012

Edward E. Ball (30) Right Eminent Grand Commander

Gregory H. Dotson (3) Very Eminent  Deputy Grand Commander

Paul O. Davis (9) Eminent Grand Generalissimo

R. Andrew Leach (4) Eminent Grand  Captain General

Robert Vance (21) Eminent Grand Senior Warden

Johnnie Sluss (22) Eminent Grand Junior Warden

Rev. Leon H. Hevener (21) Eminent Grand Prelate

Donald L Showalter PGC (1) Eminent Grand Treasurer

Gene Ray Baker PGC (1) Eminent Grand Recorder

F. Paul Baker (1) Eminent Grand Standard Bearer

Ronald E. Jones (2) Eminent Grand Sword Bearer

Richard D. Riddle (8) Eminent Grand Warder