Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of West Virginia Officers 2012

The following elected/appointed officers were installed October 15, 2011 at the Annual convocation of the Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of West Virginia, held in Clarksburg, WV

Grand High Priest M.E. Raymond L. Lusk – Jerusalem No. 3

Grand King  R.E. James M. Floyd – Ronceverte No. 21

Grand Scribe R.E.  E. Charles F. Wimer – Keyser No. 19

Grand Treasurer M.E. Gregory E. Wentzel PGHP – Jerusalem No. 3

Grand Secretary R.E. Gregory A. Riley – Orient No. 9

Grand Lecturer E. Marvin O. Hill – Beverly No. 23

Grand Chaplain M.E. John B. Arbuckle PGHP – Ronceverte No. 21

Grand Captain of the Hosts  E. William D. Mushet – Wheeling Union No.1

Grand Principal Sojourner  E. Orval L Perry – Wayne No. 18

Grand Royal Arch Captain E. Daniel Witschey – Sistersville No. 27

Grand Master 3rd Veil  E. Vaughn F. Shafer – Tyrian No. 13

Grand Master 2nd Veil  E. Gary B. Tucker – Adoniram No. 11

Grand Master 1st Veil  E. Joshua A. Schrader – Bobbie D. Triplett No. 52

Grand Marshal  E. Roger D. Linger, Jerusalem No. 3

Grand Tiler E. HOWARD WIBLIN – O’Dell S. Long No. 25