Cinosam Newsletter – May 2011

M.W. Neil Neddermeyer, PGM, Minnesota is a valued Masonic leader.  For those not familiar with Bro. Neil, he’s posted CINOSAM (Masonic spelled backwards) for several years. He is a retired Minneapolis police officer and one heck of a Mason. I woke up following the pancreas transplant surgery in 2001 and who was there?  Yep, Neil. Wouldn’t it be great if all the world, especially the Masonic fraternity, showed their concern to our brothers and their widows?

Cinsosam Newsletter – May/2011

Hello Brothers,

It has been some time since the last Cinosam went out.  Thanks for waiting.  I have been real busy and here are some things that I am up to in June.

June 4th. – narrating the Atlantic Brotherhood Summit in Minneapolis

June 10-11 – speaking at the Grand Lodge of Alberta

June 18th. – giving the oration at the Grand Lodge of North Dakota

June 23-25 – speaking at the Grand Lodge of Montana.

If you can make one of these events, please say “hello”!

Welcome to America, British Brothers!

June of 2011 brings the excitement of the Atlantic Brotherhood Summit here in the Twin Cities. Minnesota’s new Sir Winston Churchill Lodge is hosting brethren from the UK’s global Internet Lodge #9659, who are traveling to the US on a group excursion. An exceptional series of events is planned for the benefit of all Masons. Guests, including Cinosam readers, are invited to join in and register for one or more of these events.

Highlights include a St. Croix River sunset boat cruise and dinner; a much-anticipated Festive Board with toasts and songs to be held at the elegant Minneapolis Club; and a first-ever exemplification of the English Masonic Ritual, “Emulation Working” at the Minneapolis Scottish Rite Temple. A question-and-answer discussion led by Masonic scholars will follow the degree exemplification, along with coffee, tea and a selection of English biscuits. The group has a reserved block of hotel rooms set aside for your convenience, should you be traveling from some distance.

Details for each of these events are posted on the Churchill Lodge website, along with two ways to register: an RSVP form and an online system using PayPal. Some events will require a fee to cover expenses. The brethren of Sir Winston Churchill Lodge invite any regular Masons to join them in this 4-day celebration of Masonic brotherhood and hope you will help them welcome up to forty traveling English Masons who will be here June 2-5. Save the Dates!

When touched by Truth’s immortal fire,
How firm each purpose stands!
Each wandering thought, each vain desire,
Obeys its high commands;
And ever, as the day rolls o’er,
The holy feelings rise,
To mark that future, cloudless shore,
Beyond these stormy skies.

How dear the kind, fraternal tie
That binds each manly heart,
Though sorrows fill the weeping eye,
Or joys their charm impart!
How dear, to Brothers good and true,
The plighted word that tells
Of trusting thoughts that spring anew
Where’er a true heart dwells!

The pledge that holds the willing ear,
The whispered word that’s given,
Are kindly blessings gathered here,
To ripen yet in Heaven;
For He, whose promise never fails,
Lights up the holy fire,
To guide us on, through sorrow’s vales,
And highest thoughts inspire.

Let altars of immortal Truth
Receive our willing vows,
The fairest gem of hopeful youth,
Or age that feebly bows:
When years on years have calmly passed,
And sorrows come no more,
Be each true Brother found, at last,
Upon a happier shore.

Thomas Power, 1844
Past Grand Secretary
Grand Lodge of Massachusetts

“Take Care Of Each Other” ….. Neil