A Last Request of Brother Charles L. “Dick” Stowers PM

A last request of Brother Charles L. “Dick” Stowers PM

The following is an email exchange and a last request of Brother Charles L. “Dick” Stowers, PM, who is suffering from stage 4 cancer and has but a short time to live.

I think the following is quite appropriate at this time and should be considered by all Brothers:
“May the blessing of Heaven rest upon us and all Regular Masons; may brotherly love prevail, and every moral and social virtue unite and cement us.”


Mrs Stowers

I will gladly post Dick’s letter. I agree 100% with his feelings. To bad he will be unable to personally deliver them to Grand Lodge. Unfortunately we have allowed the beauty of being a Mason to be destroyed by a few men. I treasure Frank’s devotion to the office and there’s no better man than Dick Bosley. Frank was – and still is – an outstanding example of what every Mason should strive to become. I hope that some day WV Masonry returns to the old times where we cared for one another, not just let one man dictate our life. I remain friends with both Frank and Dick – they can’t choose my friends for me. I may be called on the carpet – or worse – but my principals are worth the risk. Meantime, please assure Dick that he does not stand alone.

Harold E Phillips Jr
PM, Aurora 43, Newburg, WV



Hi, I am Mary Lou Stowers, Dick Stowers wife. As you know Dick has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and is courageously getting his affairs in order. He has composed a letter as one of his last requests to be sent to those on your mailing list.  Rather than do a “reply to all”., we felt it best to send directly to you first.  If you are uncomfortable with the wording, kindly send the mailing list to us and we will send from here as Dick’s days are numbered and he wants to speak his peace and has asked me to honor his request..

Mary Lou Stowers

message written by Dick Stowers follows:

My Brethern,

During the past few weeks there has been an outpouring of calls, visitations and notes of condolences expressing concerns of my recent diagnosis,  I want to take this opportunity, as my time remains, to sincerely thank each and every one of you for your kindness.  In the past 55 years of Masonry I have been honored to serve as Master of Washington Lodge #58 three time, District Deputy Grand Master, and Jr. Grand Deacon of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia.  Also, I have served with many of you in the Scottish Rite, Commandry, and  Shrine.  Through these travels we have developed friendships that have lasted a lifetime and I cherish them.

However, I am troubled as my days are determined, that due to the injustice interpretation of Masonic Law by Charlie Montgomery and Charlie Louk , my son-in-law, is now unable to perform my funeral and last rites.  Even in the most uncivilized countries, accused are entitled to explain their side of the charges,  instead The Charter for Mt. Olivet was pulled and 3 Lodge officers were expelled for trying to follow Masonic Law.  What happened to “whispering good council”?

Brethren, I have but 2  requests in my final days, as I will not be able to address Grand Lodge in October.  First, that this injustice be made right, secondly the continuation of the pursuit to permit Veterans wounded in combat be permitted to petition for admittance in to Masonry.

Charles L.” Dick”  Stowers PM